Monday, December 30, 2013

Poets & Writers: A Resource

A quick share today. If you don't know about it already, the Poets & Writers website is a good resource for writers. I find the Tools For Writers section the most helpful. There, you can find job postings, information on literary agents, impressive lists of lit. mags and small presses, upcoming contests, MFA programs, and even conferences. Among there tools is even a Literary Places Near you feature, which allows users to submit there own suggestions.

I have found their database of literary magazines the most helpful whenever it comes into my head to send out some tattered short story or scrap of poetry I'm tired of kicking around and feel is worth anything. You can search by genre, even sub-genre (if you're into that sort of thing), whether or not the mag or press accepts electronic or simultaneous submissions, the level of magazine circulation, etc. If the number of search results seems intimidating to you (and it certainly can), start by searching for magazines or presses in your area. That's what I did, anyway. But then, maybe you value your short works more than I do, and want to see them situated amongst only the finest and most deserving literary company. That is certainly your prerogative.

Maybe you would like to join in the conversation over in the Connect With Others section. Even if you only use the site for their writing prompts, if you're an aspiring writer and P&W isn't already in your favorites, consider adding it.

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